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Managing share settings

Last updated on 30 Oct 2023
3 min read

To manage a document’s sharing settings, head to your your Workspace overview, click the Three dots icon on your document’s thumbnail and choose Share. From there, you can manage the access level of your documents for people inside or outside your Workspace.

  • You can invite people outside of your Workspace to view or edit your document as Guests
  • You can restrict permissions for everyone in your Workspace and invite specific people in your Workspace to view or edit
  • You can also make the document accessible via a public link

How to access a document’s sharing settings

Note: Inviting people outside of your Workspace won’t affect the cost of your subscription, but anyone you invite to edit a document will need to be an Editor on another Workspace or have a subscription.

Sharing a document via email

Type the email address of the person you want to invite and choose the type of access you want to give them using the dropdown menu. If the person you’re inviting is already a Workspace Member, an autocomplete option will let you quickly select their name. If you’re inviting someone from outside your Workspace, type in their full email. Click Add to send out an invitation email.

When you share a document with someone, you can choose between two access levels:

  • View: View the document, inspect layers and Artboards for handoff, download assets and leave comments in the web app
  • Edit: The same access as View — but also includes the ability to open and edit the document in the Mac app. This access level requires a subscription

When you share a document with someone, it will appear in their Shared with Me tab.

After you’ve sent an invitation to a Guest, you’ll see an Invite Pending badge next to their email until they’ve accepted. Permanent Workspace Members won’t have a badge, unless they’re an Admin. You can change anyone’s access level at any point and fully remove their access by opening the drop-down menu and choosing Remove.

You can share a public link via the Everyone (No Access) tab in the sharing settings. You can also set commenting, inspecting and downloading permissions from here. The default level is Cannot access the document which makes the public link unavailable and keeps your document private.

Note: If you’re viewing an older version of a document in the web app, you can copy and paste its URL to link specifically to that update. The URL in the sharing settings will always link to the most recent version.

When you choose an access level for anyone with a link or email invitation, you can show or hide comments on Artboards by toggling the checkbox in the dropdown menu. Keep in mind that your need a Sketch account to comment on shared public documents.

Workspace Admins can disable public links at a Workspace level. Head to People & Settings and click Disable Public Links. When an Admin disables public links, you’ll only be able to share documents with other Workspace Members and Guests. No one will be able to share a document via public link unless an Admin enables public links again.

When an Admin disables public links, this will also automatically disable any existing public and embedded links in your Workspace — as well as preventing you from creating more.