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Sharing prototypes

Last updated on 10 Nov 2023
1 min read

You can share your prototypes from the Mac app, the web app, or from your iOS device.

Previewing prototypes

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In the prototype’s Preview window, tap on Export in the top-right corner of the window. From there, you can copy a link to the prototype to your clipboard.

Before you can share a prototype, you first need to set the link’s permissions to View in the document’s Settings.

How to share a prototype from the Mac app

Keep in mind that you can only share prototypes from documents saved to your Workspace.

To share a prototype, simply copy the link from the Preview window in your browser.

Alternatively, hover over the prototype’s thumbnail in the document overview, and click Three dots. From there, you can choose between:

  • Copy link to prototype with Hotspots: Sketch highlights any Hotspots or Links, helping users see where they can interact with the prototype
  • Copy link to prototype with Hotspots disabled: The prototype preview won’t highlight any Hotspots or Links

How to create a shareable link to a prototypes in the web app (with Hotspots enabled)

To share a prototype from the iPhone app use the share icon that appears in the title of the document when viewing the document sheet.