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New in the Mac app: Align layers to a reference object, duplicate documents and more

Our latest Mac release gives you the ability to duplicate documents, align layers to a reference object, and switch between the Design and Prototype tabs using shortcuts

Our latest update to the Mac app is here, with two big improvements to aligning layers. First, when you make a multi-layer selection, you can click again on any layer in that selection to make it a reference object. Now, when you use the alignment controls, layers in your selection will align to the reference object you’ve selected.

Second, if you select a single layer and use the alignment controls in the Inspector, it will now align to its immediate parent (whether that’s a group, Artboard or combined shape). If you want to align a single layer to its Artboard rather than its immediate parent, hold down .

This update also brings Mac app support for duplicating Workspace documents to your drafts, along with 1 and 2 shortcuts to switch between the new Design and Prototype tabs in the Inspector.

Finally, as ever, there’s a whole host of smaller improvements to make your Sketch experience even better — from multi-selection support in the Workspace window to negative spreads for inner shadows.

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