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Who can see my Sketch documents?

Last updated on 19 Dec 2023
1 min read

In short, you always control who can see your documents and which documents they can see. Now let’s go into a bit more detail:

No one can access your documents outside your Workspace

Your Workspace documents are on the web, but they are not public unless you choose to make them public. This means that if someone has one of your document’s URL, they won’t be able to access it unless they are Members of your Workspace or you invite them as Guests to that specific document.

Inside your Workspace, you can control who sees what

Inside your Workspace all files are shared by default and all Workspace Members can see them. Workspace Members are Editors (people who can create files) or Viewers (people who can see documents on the Web app).

You can control access to documents by creating Project folders and setting these folders to be private. Only Members that are added to a private folder can see its contents.

You can also invite people as Guests. Guests have limited access because they are not Workspace Members. You need to invite Guests at a document level. This means that if you want a Guest to see two documents you’ll need to add that person to each document and in turn, that Guest will need to accept two invitations.

Guests are a useful way to add people from outside your team or organization.

You can make a file public by editing it’s share settings. Public files are accessible to anyone with the document link, but you can control if you allow file downloads, inspecting and commenting.